The Bunny Man Scarf



Inspired by the vision of a ‘bunnyman’ in his son’s dream, Johnny first captured The Bunny Man character in his iconic golden portrait.

Conceived as a free spirit and a caring protector, The Bunny Man has grown into a symbol of Johnny himself and has consequently been adopted as a trademark on all his art.

Casual in appearance but intense in purpose, Johnny thinks of The Bunny Man as a bohemian figure with shamanic power, who symbolises everyone’s inner strength.

From an original fabric banner painted by Johnny, this linen scarf echoes propaganda posters of the early 20th century with striking red beams and a towering silhouette of The Bunny Man.

A revolutionary artwork that’s ready to wear.


100% natural linen. 

Sustainable and biodegradable, it is kind to the planet and to your skin. 

Dimensions: 40cm x 150cm.

Manufactured in partnership with Gresham Blake, London, England.


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